Marine Services
Turnkey Retrofit
• Alternate Marine Power/ Cold Ironing
• Scrubber & BWTS Afloat End-to-end
• Equipment Supply / Services
IHM & Recycling Convention Compliance
• Ship Specific Recycling Plan, Cutting Sequence Plan & HM Disposal
Cyber Safety
• Compliance
• Audit and Gap assessment
Third Party Inspections & Surveys
• Pre-purchase
• Pre-vetting
• Thermal Hotspot Mapping
• Noise Survey
Newbuild And Drydocking
• Site Management Support
• Emergency Repairs/ Dry-Docking & Complete Ship Repairs on Turnkey
Store Digitisation, PMS Integration & Inventory Management
Vessel Major / Minor Conversion
• Design, Conceptualisation & Certification
Naval Architecture & Design Engineering, Shipboard Plans and Manual Preparation
• Inclining Experiment and Complete Stability Package
Preparation of Ship Operation Manual & Virtual Operation Manual

Other Services